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Choosing your right winter blazer with 4 easy tips | 4 Tips Chọn Blazer

[Billingual🇻🇳🇬🇧 ] Blazer has become an endless source of inspiration for designers. Yves Saint Laurent with Le Smokin or Dior with The Bar Jacket. Discover great tips to choose blazers with us!

Đọc bài viết tiếng Việt tại đây

Choose blazers based on your body types

There are two ways to choose a standard blazer: based on the wearer's body and based on trends. A blazer designed to fit your body will enhance your physical beauty and make you more confident. Some tips for choosing a blazer in shape to help you avoid undesirable outfit errors:

  • Do not choose a blazer longer than hip

  • Do not choose an oversize/empty blazer if you are short

  • Do not choose a fitted waist blazer if you have large waist

Trending factors will also affect the overall vibe of the outfit. In recent years, fashionistas love the oversized blazer style with classic inspired large padded shoulders and simple cuts that are not fussy. If you are pursuing an elegant but youthful style with a blazer, this trend is especially suitable for you.

We should balance the factors of the physique, self-interest with general trends of the world.

Material combination

Material is one of the marvelous "languages" of fashion. So how do you become fluent in that "language"? We suggest the easy-to-remember and easy-to-apply formula as follows: Similar materials are easy to be used together.

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Raw material blazers with hardness are perfect when mixed with jeans, linen, etc., and are proper for casual, liberal, and dynamic styles. In contrast, pun-to is more suitable with silk, chiffon, or organza. These materials are somewhat feminine, soft, and ideal for luxurious and elegant spaces.

Similar materials are easy to go together.


Blazer is particularly attractive thanks to two main design elements - the square shoulder and the waistline. Therefore, the perfect seams are always considered the blazer's highlight, and accessories should only be lightly adorned for the overall outfit. Small necklace designs, light embellishments, or a minimalist brooch are enough for an elegant and youthful look.

Don't be frugal

Because the beauty of a blazer design lies in its sharp and neat cuts, a blazer or suit is a timeless item. Thus, a blazer carefully tailored from fine fabric, stitched precisely and fit your body is never a wasteful investment.

A blazer carefully tailored from fine fabric, stitched precisely and fit your body is never a wasteful investment.
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