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#COVID19: How Should Fashion Marketer React & Create Content?

[Billingual🇻🇳🇬🇧] #COVID19: Ngành Thời Trang Nên Phản Ứng & Sáng Tạo Nội Dung Như Thế Nào? Làm thế nào các nội dung truyền tải có thể duy trì tương tác, luôn hữu ích và nổi lên mạnh mẽ hơn? Hy vọng bài blog này có thể giúp các blogger, content creator, marketer trong việc định hướng nội dung của mình!

Covid19 & Marketing: A briefing for marketing leader

1. Determine WHERE your product is in the customer’s mind

In other words, business and content writers should determine the necessity of fashion products in the pandemic. Fashion products, in general, will suffer a harsh time whether your product is streetwear, sports clothing, cosmetics, or footwear. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs below, fashion products are categorized into the Mitigate Brand Risk or Participate in Efforts group.

These two groups share similar low demand at the moment but hold potential profit growth after the pandemic. While waiting for an opportunity to come back, contents that make things easier for consumers while being locked at home would be ideal to keep customers’ loyalty.

2. Determine WHAT content to be replaced

As mentioned above, the customer's need for apparel products is declining, thus turnover-driven content should be considered to reduce. Instead, posts with humane value would gain more affection from customers in terms of PR & Branding. According to Mrs. Priyanka Bajpai – regional head, Southeast Asia, SPAG Group, there is a “3E approach” to produce effective content:

- Empathy: The pandemic requires not only empathy with the community (included in CSR) but also a positive attitude toward the current situation. Brands should provide a solid belief in a bright future while engaging and encouraging the audience to take responsible action which is, particularly in Vietnam, social distancing.

- Engage: This appears to be an opportunity for businesses to interact with relevant stakeholders(shareholders, employees, customers…) to strengthen belief in the preservation and development of your company.

- Educate: Using current social platforms to help provide truthful information and truthful information only. Besides, it’s ideal for identifying and eliminating fake-news content due to their contagion to the society that is already complicated and fraught with pandemics.

Furthermore, controversial issues related to the pandemic and fashion industry such as sustainability, third world countries worker’s rights,… should be included in terms of a business’s CSR.